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Re: Weather verbs

    After reading and relaying the contents of your email to <j8ij> 
about no  weather gods, I was informed by the Ministry of Religious
Affairs of the Royal Lojbanistan Government in exile that members of
a Lojbanistan religion (whose name is not to be known by us infidels)
take offense at our claim.  It seems that "carvi" has what seem to be
negative arguments/places that are always assumed and must never be
spoken.  Thus the fuller meaning of >carvi< for them is
    (The great gods of weather that we are unfit to name or speak of
    have taken actions that we are unworthly of noticing that result in)
    A rains from B to C

I have not heard any feedback from the other Lojbanistan governments
in exile, but that does not mean that they will not come foreward later.
What a fine way to start my week and month :-)

    thank you,
    Art Protin

Arthur Protin <protin@pica.army.mil>
These are my personal views and do not reflect those of my boss
or this installation.