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Good luck... you'll *need* it.

Hi y'all.

        I've been following for a while, and making an attempt to learn
to babble logically, but to little avail.  Then, as I was browsing the
archives, I thought I'd take a look at Esperanto.

        I wish you all the very best of luck with lojban, and I hope you
all succeed in warping your brains with it, :-)  :-)  but I guess it's
just not what I was looking for.  Lojban is *not* easily learned, no matter
*how* regular its grammar.  The convolutions (convulsions?) one must go
through to obtain the proper meanings are so strenuous that they by far
outweigh the 'simplicity' of the structure.  It reminds me of programming
in LISP...  Sure, the underlying principles are simple but it's unnatural,
artificial, far too alien from the way people really think.

For me, I'll try my hand at Esperanto.  I can already successfully compre-
hend better than 80 percent of the conversation on soc.culture.esperanto,
and I'm only on SESTA LECIONO!  :-)  I also found that my goals for learning
another language are more in line with the purpose(s) of Esperanto.
(That is, my brain is twisted quite well already, thank-you-very-much.)

[Bob:  Don't bother sending me the standard mail-stuff, thanks anyway.]

Bye y'all.

((((BTW:  Where do I get a green star? :-))))

Rick Miller <rick%discus.mil.wi.us@uwm.edu>