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Re: Place names

Nick quoting Ivan quoting Nick:
> >>  ckiper - ckiperia *or* albania - albanias: la tiranas
> >_Albania_ is not the Albanian name for Albania.  It shouldn't be used.
> Well, um, how do I put this... I don't 100% buy the "as pronounced/named
> by the natives" argument. ckiperia, maybe. But definitively {london} over
> {lndn} (actually, this'd make a really good debate; I seem to remember
> Colin (or was it And?) already being on the side on {london}.

Yes, I reckon the Lojbanized names should (sometimes) use original spelling,
where original spelling is in roman alphabet. After all, /lndn/ distorts both
spelling and pronuciation, whereas /london/ distorts only pronunciation.

> >>  magiar - magiara: la budapect
> >Make that {madiar}.  It's closer.
> hey, is that a palatal stop (Upside-down f in IPA)?