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More archaic Lojban

Here are some more examples of archaic Lojban gismu.  These represent gismu
that were deleted for one reason or another (usually for insufficient
generality) before the Lojban gismu list was baselined.  I indicate the
gismu selected by the algorithms plus the English keyword, sometimes with
compatibility comments.

gadnu	advertisement
vanci	bathe		conflicts with vanci = evening, replaced by "self wash"
birda	billiards	too specific, probable le'avla
butci	boot		redundant to cutci = shoe
guknu	bow
bitri	brick		replaced by lujvo "ceramic block"
brece	brooch		redundant to se jadni = adornment
kabri	cabaret		conflicts with kabri = cup, also too specific
bikni	cake		incorporated into tapla = tile
rasto	chromosome	too specific, probable le'avla
signa	cigarette	redundant to sigja = cigar or lujvo using it
kanta	complain	redundant to xusra = assert
didni	deduce		replaced by lujvo using logji = logic
jiksa	excite		conflicts with jikca = socialize
flani	flame		conflicts with flani = flute, redundant to fagri = fire
firca	flirt		replaced by lujvo "sexual play"?
kenxo	hole		redundant to kevna = cavity
nusna	induction	who knows what "induction" is?
ditcu	lasts/duration	replaced by temci = time and renvi = survive
drica	mattress	replaced by "sleep mat"
gumri	mushroom	shape is "umbrella shape", fungus is "fungus fruit"
bladu	obstacle/block	redundant to zunti = interfere
pilda	pale		redundant to kandi = dim
parji	parasite	civla = louse, mledi = mold/fungus
sicpi	precipitate	redundant to carvi = rain
cletu	set of		redundant to se cmima (set/members), girzu (set/property)
stipa	stick		redundant to grana = rod
tenma	tent		replaced by lujvo using zdani = house
jutca	theater		replaced by "drama house"
tadnu	tradition	redundant to ritli = ritual, conflicts with tadni = study
jetru	trot		represented by x4 place of bajra (gait)
canre	vibrate		redundant to slilu = oscillate, conflicts with canre = sand
ctira	wire		redundant to cilta = thread

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