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already time for JL18

Well it is now past March 5, the date when I said that I would start working
on JL18.  I have not yet gotten anything submitted for the ckafybarja
project, though Nick has at least posted some text.  I'm not sure what to
do about this, since in theory we were supposed to have a whole bunch of
(English) proposed character sketches for the people who work at the
ckafybarja.  How many is apparently up for grabs - if we aren't tied to
one-per-nationality, there is no specific number that need to be invented.

One problem, of course, is that overseas Lojbanists have either not gotten
JL, or have only just gotten it.  I could slack the schedule a little bit
for their benefit.  But not too much.  If JL is supposed to start coming out
regularly, I must have it to the printer by the end of the month.