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anyone want a Lojban logo .bmp?

Remmeber that we adopted a logo for LLG about 2-3 years ago?

Never mind that we haven't ever used it, since after it was adopted, no one
ever did it up in a form we could use.

Nora the other night was palying aorund with Windows, and used Paintbrush and
the clipboard to create a ".bmp" file with the nver-used logo, which she is
now using as an icon for LogFlash, as well as for her "wallpaper" background 
on the desktop.  It looks kinda neat.

If anyone cares, I can upload it to the ftp site and/or post a uuencoided
version (I think it is a pretty small file).

For those who are wondering, the logo that was adopted has x and y coordinate
axes overlayed by 2 circles in a classic Venn diagram pattern.  Each of the 
axes has an arrow at each end.