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Scope-leaping: xa'a, xa'anai (-> xo'u -> bo'u)

This is a reminder to say that the proposal, originating with pc, of
xa'a [named by Jorge, & NOT xa'a-as-talked-about-by-Djer] as an UI
indicating scope leaping, and xa'anai [originating with me, & named
by Jorge] indicating no scope leaping, still stands (as the chief,
and possibly only, change to the grammar to deal with opacity).

Since the effect of {xa'a}/{xa'anai} concerns ordering in the prenex
of the duhu expressed by the seduhu, and since in a seduhu the prenex
is marked by {zohu}, I suggest {bo'u} and {bo'unai} as the actual
cmavo. These are currently unassigned (according to my list).

I also suggest that in the meantime we give the cmavo new experimental
names {xo'u} and {xo'unai}, in the hope that noone else starts using
them to mean something else, as has happened with {xa'a} [no complaint
intended - who can keep track of all experimental cmavo?].