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logical structures paper.

In wirting to Peter S., i commented about the logic paper.  And it occurred
to me that one way to solve the logic teaching aspect is to piggyback
on some standard text in logic.  State up fron that you presume that the
reader is familiar with the material in some specific or all of some
reference work or works as a level of logical knowledge, and then assume 
that knowledge in your writing.

If it turns out your standard isn't optimal, pc or someone can then write an
intro to logic for Lojban that specifically teaches the necessary material
as a prelude to your starting point in the paper.  We can then use the
latter as the basis for logic-teaching in the textbook when we get to it.

What do you think?  I'll cc this to pc, so he can add his comments, and maybe
propose a reference text as a standard that should be understandable by
most people without taking a formal logic course (or it could be a text for
a first formal logic course).