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Re: HTML version of the Esperanto brochure

The author of the Esperanto version of the brochure is Mark Shoulson

It should be on our ftp site, now powered.cs.yale.edu /pub/lojban
The existing version is both plaintext and LaTeX formatted (the macros are
defined in the front of the text)

The only parts that might be out of date are promises as to when the
dictionary would be done %^).

Our copyright policy is that copying for promotion of Lojban is freely
granted.  Basically similar to the FSF Gnu license, but without even 
formalizing it that much.

The language design materials themselves are in the public domain, and
are not copyrighted at all.

Jorge Llambias has been working on a full Esperanto gismu list, I think.
There is a keyword gismu list for Esperanto already.