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Re: Almost & barely

>How do we say these in Lojban:
>        I touched it.
>        I barely touched it.
>        I almost touched it.
>The first is {mi pu pencu ta}, but what about the others?
>"Barely" means that I touched it, but was very close not to.
>"Almost" means that I didn't touch it, but was very close to do it.

How about things like:

  mi pu milxe pencu ta
  mi pu bradanre pencu ta
  mi pu jibni nalpencu ta

BTW "Almost" could have a range of meanings -- it could be that you were
physically near, or it could mean that circumstances were almost such that
you'd have to touch it -- but in fact you came nowhere near it.  I almost
got touch the Blarney stone, but my trip to Ireland was cancelled.