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Re: bal}Nirely, three dogs, on the web

la pc die cusku
> I wonder, then, whether the afterthought fronting marker proposed
> a while back (does anyone remember what it was?  xa'a?) might not
> be better thought of as an independence marker, so that it might
> be applied also in the case of two or more number quantifiers to
> achieve the effect that mere fronting will not manage. Since
> universals never need this effect, the marker could be kept as a
> literal fronting for them, for afterthought fronting for them is
> fairly common, though less so than independence moves for other
> quantifiers.  So, for three men and three dogs we might have _ci
> nanmu cu pencu xa'a ci gerku_ (or variants).

I generally changed my views about the desirability of afterthought
scope indicators, since it is unlikely we could come up with a
sufficiently general scheme to do all scope in afterthought.
So, I'd argue, we need solutions only for things that can be done
neither in afterthought not forethought. The 3 dog problem can be
solved in forethought, by conjunction in prenex, as noted long ago
by Jorge. Jorge also proposed that non-outermost quantifiers all
have coordinate scope, so if that suggestion was taken up we'd also
have an afterthought solution.


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