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Re: TECH: lambda and "ka" revisited

mi pu cusku di'e la dn.

> [W]hat you say suggests
> that there needs to be an explicit "anti-ka" operator that unwraps a property
> and makes it a selbri.  (This is not "ckaji", because "ckaji" only tolerates
> a one-place abstraction; this is a way of saying "x1, x2, x3 fit into the
> property abstraction [whatever]").  I'll mull this over.

Having duly mulled, I am ready to propose a PLACE STRUCTURE CHANGE:
an extension of "ckaji" from the current two-place structure to an
indefinite-number-of-places structure, adding to the current definition
a new line:

	x1 stands in relation x2 (ka) to x3, x4, ... (as many places
	as x2 requires)

This would allow, in addition to the vague

1)	la djim. ckaji le ka bruna
	Jim has the property-of brotherhood

and the asymmetrical

2)	la djim. ckaji le ka bruna la djan.
	Jim has the property-of (brotherhood to-John)


3)	la djan. ckaji le ka bruna la djim.
	John has the property-of (brotherhood to-Jim)

the new symmetrical:

4)	la djan. ckaji le ka bruna kei la djim.
	John has the property-of (brotherhood) with-respect-to-Jim

At present, the only other indefinite-number-of-places gismu is "jutsi",
so there is some precedent; OTOH, it's late in the game for gismu
definition changes, because of the dictionary.

What do yall think?

John Cowan					cowan@ccil.org
		e'osai ko sarji la lojban.