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Re: xruti

la xorxes. pupupupu cusku di'e

> A plea to remove another place: the x1 of xruti.
> xruti  xru     x1 (agent) returns x2 to origin/earlier state x3 from x4;
> The agentive return would be easily formed: xrugau
> Currently, one has to use se'ixru for the agentless x1 returns to state x2,
> but that's not really agentless, rather the agent is the one being returned.
> So {le bitmu se'ixru le nu blabi} doesn't really mean "the wall is white
> again", but rather "the wall made itself white again", or something like
> that.
> I think it makes sense to make it agentless. I checked in the text that
> I have available, and {xruti} was mostly used in the lujvo {xrukla}, which
> even makes more sense with an agentless xruti, and a couple of times it was
> used (incorrectly, I suppose) as agentless. Also there were a few {se'ixru}.
> I couldn't find any direct use of {xruti} with it's supposed meaning.

I was out to lunch when Jorge posted this last year; lojbab asked me
to consider it.  I approve it and think it should be done ASAP, along
with my proposed change for "ckaji".

John Cowan                                      cowan@ccil.org
                e'osai ko sarji la lojban.