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Re: rafsi for "jai" should be "jax-"

> > (Why tolglico?)
> Since "x" is nalglico, rafsi with "CVx" are tolglico.

Diu se logji no da.

> > How does it work? Does {jai bai broda} turn into {jaxybaibroda}?
> I suppose, although Nick/lojbab mostly seemed to want it for
> "jai broda", qua substitute for "broda gasnu".

Is {jai broda} grammatical? Doesn't it have to be followed by a BAI?
And shouldn't the substitute for {broda gasnu} ne {jai zei gau zei broda}?

> > On the subject of {jai}, could anyone tell me if JAI FA is
> > possible (rather than JAI BAI)
> As of now, no. If you seriously want it, propose it now, with supporting
> examples that can't easily be expressed in other ways.

I seriously propose it, because it means selmao SE can be derived from
(or conceived of as allomorphs of) JAI + FA. (Also, it affords a way
of deprivileging x1, which lacks a SE.) The case for it is merely
one of formal elegance. Nothing new can be said, since the job is
already done by SE.