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No Subject

la Palos cusku di'e
>As I'm using automatic folder'ing' of incoming msg ( because I've
>subscribed to a lot of lists )
>Lojban List is the main exception because the mail from it is
>personnally adressed .
>I would like to setup a trigger for it .
>Could someone tell me if the 'lojban' word is a good trigger , or
>give me better ones

One thing to keep in mind is that we get spammed fairly regularly, which is
obnoxious. I am now experimenting (on another list) with setting up Bozo
filters to decrease spamming.

If you are using the commercial version of Eudora on the Mac (and I think
also on the Windows version), there is a filtering mechanism which is
fairly flexible and will do what you want, sorting the mail into the right
folders. I believe the free version of Eudora doesn't have this. Under
UNIX, you can just write your own filter with UNIX stuff. There is also a
thing on the mac called CLI (command line interface) which could be
persuaded to do quite sophisticated filtering. An AppleScript or (when it
is out of beta testing!) OpenDoc could also be used to do filtering.

On a slightly more sophisticated level, filtering out Bozos might be
particularly easy on the lojban list, as spammers generally do not get the
*X-To* tag correct. Thus, you could flag all posts with the *Sender* set to
"Lojban list <LOJBAN@CUVMB.BITNET>" and with the *X-To* tag NOT set to
*lojban@cuvmb.cc.columbia.edu* as Bozos and Bozo filter them into the
trash. (How satisfying!)

Of course, you still have to deal with downloading the spams, which might
be painful on a 300 baud modem over a bad connection. Otherwise, there are
not currently enough spams to pose a burden if you are at 14400 or some
kind of EtherThing. Things will get worse as spamming bozos multiply, and
eventually a newsgroup or better server based filter will probably be
necessary. As I understand lojbab, the server currently being used is plain
vanilla, and not able to do any sort of filtering.

As I said, I am experimenting at this point, and don't want to play around
with my lojban list postings, as I actually read nearly all of them, and
don't want to miss any. (Unlike some of my other subscriptions.) So if you
do this, I would be interested in hearing about how it worked.

la stivn

Steven M. Belknap, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Medicine
University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria

email: sbelknap@uic.edu
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