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Re: buffer vowel

la djan. cusku lu

> > Or do as Chris suggests, and scrap buffering.
> I'm beginning to think that this is the best alternative available.

li'u .e lu

> # Using a buffer vowel may cause naive
> # listeners to misunderstand if they mistake the buffer vowel for one of
> # the six Lojban vowels, so speakers who use buffer vowels should make them
> # as different as possible from their pronunciation of the Lojban vowels.
> Comments, doi la .and. joi ro do?

li'u .isemu'ibo mi spusku lu

Cool with me... I don't think any Croat would need buffering (as if anybody
here but me learns lojban... *sniff*) :) :) But the Chinese, on the other
hand, could have big problems with C clusters. OK, I can understand that
many people can't pronounce (jboselci'a) XR,vatska, and say kroeica or
kroAti,en or something like that instead. But the poor people can't say
even that, they actually say KXY,LUO,DI,YA (Ke4Luo2Di4Ya4), and the
two-syllable long name of my city, Zagreb, that even the English
speaking folk pronounce without any difficulty, Chinese translate into
SA,GY,LY,BU (Sa4Ge4Le4Bu4), a four-syllable name. They just can't cope
with C clusters.

li'u co'o mi'e. goran.

GAT/CS/O d?@ H s:-@ !g p1(2)@ !au(0?) a- w+(+++) (!)v-@(+) C++(++++)
UU/H(+) P++>++++ L(>+) !3 E>++ N+ K(+) W--(---) M-- !V(--) -po+ Y(+)
t+@(+++) !5 !j R+@ G-@(J++) tv+(++) b++@ D++ B? e+* u@ h!$ f?(+) r--
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