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>As for the slinkui test, I don't see how it's relevant here.  Also, I've
>never understood the rationale for it.  The tosmabru test says if a
>string is potentially ambiguous between lujvo and cmavo+lujvo, then the
>latter wins.  The slinkui test says if a string is potentially ambiguous
>between lujvo and cmavo +lujvo, either lujvo is banned.  I am confused.

No, slinkui is about fu'ivla vs. cmavo+lujvo, and the latter wins.  It
is trickier because the morphology of fu'ivla is less well-defined, the
test is harder to do in your head, and because there is little practice
with it (intentionally because of its difficulty) when we do type 3
fu'ivla (which are dominant these days) instead of type 4. We expect
that type 4 fu'ivla will eventually start to get assigned and used.