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stress and le du'u

>Subject:      Re;  Good Clarifying Question

>I'm skeptical that we hear the difference between "du'u" and "DU'u".
>Further, {du'u} can be stressed "du'U", in which case it will be
>ambiguous up to that point.

I said "le,DU'u, not just DU'u.  You are correct that "du'U might be a
valid stress in some utterances, but it can cause problems.  If it
precedes a gismu, then final stress on the cmavo before the gismu
requires a pause before the gismu.  IMHO this spoils the rhythm of the
language in fluent speech - it just doesn't sound right, though I will
certainly know the words.

>> With the exception of "bau", I can't think of any common cmavo
>> which I have heard often in lujvo, and "bau" is one for which
>> there is no meaning ambiguity.
>Also {cai} and {rai}, which are like {bau}.

I said *common* cmavo - those I have yet to notice in speech or text.
bau gets USED.