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Re: scalar polarity

> > > For indeterminate, fuzzy:
> > >   nanaicai        near 1.0
> > >   jaanaicai       near 0
> > > - these are less satisfactory, but they're a start.
> > I prefer:
> > je'ucai
> > je'u(sai)
> > je'uru'e
> > je'ucu'i
> > je'unairu'e
> > je'unai(sai)
> > je'unaicai
> It's better to have the same cmavo at the start of each, I guess,
> but why {jeu}? Isn't {jeu} in UI? What's needed is rather something
> in NA, no?

{je'u} is in UI, yes, and I think that's the right place for this.
{xu} is also in UI, and {je'u} and its variations seem like the
natural answer to the "true?" question.

{ja'a} and {na} say that a relationship holds or doesn't hold. The
adornments on them don't change that. {naru'e} would mean "almost",
which is to say that the relationship doesn't hold, even though it is
close to.

On the other hand, the {je'u} series gives truly fuzzy or indeterminate
or fractional truth values, which seems to be a different thing from
what the NAs do. In this case there is no definite answer as to whether
the relationship does or does not hold, so {ja'a} and {na} don't really

> Could {jeu} be moved into NA? If not, {naa} is unassigned
> in my maoste.

I have:

>> na'a      BY1      cancel shifts     cancel all letteral shifts

but in any case, I think UI is the right place for the answers to {xu}.