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Re: TECH: lambda and "ka" revisited

>* kea and xeu outside NOI or {ka..kei} contexts will yield 100% nonsense
>   (but be deemed grammatical). Is that right?

I can't speak for xe'u, but suspect that it would have meaning.
John can answer that one better.

There is presently no defined role for ke'a outside of relative clauses,
HOWEVER, I CAN think of usages outside of relative clauises that would have
a plausible definition consistent with current usage only in relatives.
(relative phrases can also use ke'a BTW).

For example, one might use "ke'a" in a parenthetical or footnote to refer
to that which is being explained.  Since any text is possible inside a
parenthetical, that assigns a plausible use for any grammatical role of ke'a
in the language, thoiugh not in all occurances of that grammar.