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Re: "Where is Chris going??"

>If I were to guess=== It would either be the men's restroom or looking for
the conversation of a insightful and deep-rooted man who knows that the best
of life is yet to be realized.

I am very deep-rooted indeed, thus I never have to go to the restroom.

>But--- then again it really is sort of hard to read that expression. The
photo is not as clear as it might be.

*All* things are clear to me.

>Why---- did I win???  I would like to suggest that I am quite close if not
right on target when you take these suggestions to heart. You know what I mean.

Of course I know what you mean.  I have psychosassic powers.

>How about sending a line my way-- I could be staRT of a new conversation
that you have been inviting.

A line, eh?  OK.  Here's a good line for you:
  What you want to destroy, you must first allow truly to flourish

Enjoy.  It's from the Tao Te Ching.

By the way, I'm afraid you didn't win the quiz -- the correct answer was
"Ulan Baator, Mongolia".  Nice try, though.

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