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scalar truth

>Good.  So we ask for NA CAI and NAhE CAI, and something in NA that means
>"sort of; intermediate between complete truth and complete falsity"?

Except that CAI is part of indicator space (and has seen significant use
as standalone indicators, I might add - Lojban "sai" has crept into my
regular English usage %^), as well as my Lojban).  I would be very
reluctant to make any more of indicator space than NAI serve double duty
in the regular grammar, or you start constraining the use of indicators.

What is wrong with "so'Vcu'o" or some other lujvo based on the so'V
words (so'V+jei?), which all have rafsi.  That gives you potentially 7
degrees of positive if you also count da'a and ro in the set, and
presumably also 7 degrees of negative built with "nal" (and 7 degrees of
neutral and polar opposite too, whatever they would mean %^).  And since
you are in rafsi/lujvo space there is no problem with making longer
lujvo based on them (there are no rafsi assigned to CAI, unlike most of
NAhE; je'a doesn't have a rafsi, but there are a couple of jeV rafsi
available if no other suitable tanru basis for a positive scale seems