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Re: quoting

rafsi are not necessarily quotable with "zo" since they are not of themselves
words, but all CVC rafsi are of the form of names and thus could be quoted,
and all CVV rafsi are of the form of cmavo and could be quoted, bith with zo,
but youy would need a relative clause or context to indictae that they are
rafsi and not the standalone words that they resemble.  Otherwise, and with
CCV rafsi which cannot be words, you need to use "zoi" delimited quotes.

Actually, with pauses before and after, zo would also work with a CCV rafsi
since the pauses would "force" a word interpretation, but the parser would
 reject such a usage.

Zo is a shortcut and we have not seen a lot of reason to try to make it
maximally flexible, even if we could easily do so.