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existential import

I'm a bit mystified by the debate about whether universal quantifiers
entail reference to something. Questions about the meaning of English
or Spanish words are irrelevant. As for whether in formal logic, A
entails E, I'd have thought that all one needed to do to answer that
was ask a logician, but it turns out that pc thinks A does entail E,
while everyone else (this includes a lot of people) thinks it doesn't.
But it stills makes little sense to debate this issue - it's merely a
matter of checking with more logicians, or whatever.

As far as I can see, we simply need to decide for ourselves whether
we want {ro} to entail {suo} (and whichever choice wins, how we
express the rejected one). My vote goes for {ro} NOT entailing {suo},
because the ro that entails {suo} is easily expressible by
{ro lo suo broda} or (I think) {ro lo suo da}.