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Re: ke'a & xe'u

> Is {duu mu} currently ungrammatical then?

Yes, after a NU you need a <sentence>, which always requires at least
an explicit selbri.

> Anyway, to clarify, the syntax {duu} shd have is that it take a bridi
> and yield a sumti. (LU takes a word string and yields a sumti.)

LU doesn't take just any word string, it takes a <text>, which is anything
that would be grammatical by itself. Perhaps that would be a bit too much
for what you want for du'u, but not by much.

If you agree that any text maps to a proposition (or set of propositions,
which comes to the same thing), then LU <text> LIhU is just what you
want. Of course, many texts are heavily dependant on their context for
their mapping to a proposition.