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Re: serving the needs of lojban learners

la lojbab cusku di'e
> The other idea I had just tonight, so lets see if anyone salutes.
> This wouls be to have a couple of signup sheets on the Lojban WEb page
> where people could sign up for
> 1)beginning Lojban 1 to 1 tutoring
> 2)Lojban 1 to 1 correspondence at maybe up to 3 levels of
> difficulty - cal it beginner, intermediate learner and competent.
> Beginners would probably just post an email address and one of a group
> of erxperienced Lojbanists would take it on themselves to lead the
> person through the minilesson and diagrammed summary, and get them to
> the point wheere they feel willing to try exchanging text of longer
> than asentence.
> Internmediate learners would probably sign up and maybe even post a
> sentence in Lojban so people know their competence level, and then would
> start a 1 to 1 "penpal" exhange, or even many-to-many exchange among
> those at that level.  The web page might work simply by giving a
> directory of all the people at this level and you could write to one or
> all of them.  IN effect - the all-lojban list managed without an actual
> list.
> Competent learners would declare themselves by posting a text of some
> length as Goran often does, and people could respond with texts.  At
> this point volume might be small enough that this could be maintained
> by an archive on the Web page, and people would simply goto the Web page
> and call up the last few messages of text and se what is being talked
> about - again a form of mailing list without the list, but rather
> different in that it keeps an archive.  ideally people would be able to
> add to the text archive by emailing to a special address at Veijo's
> machine, andit would automatically be added to the Web accessible stuff
> once a day or immediately.

This is an outstanding idea ... the sort of thing that might well get me
to register.

la dilyn cusku di'e
> My favorite method of learning was to take a text and try and read it
> in detail, looking up gismu and cmavo as appropriate as well as going
> and reading the appropriate sections of the reference grammar papers.
> I would have appreciated (and still would appreciate) a collection of
> edited texts, graded as to difficulty, perhaps with explanatory
> comments; something for people to do after the mini-lesson.

This idea appeals to me as well.

co'o mi'e mark,l