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na ru'e

>That's not a problem.  {naru'e} (=almost) is a real {na}.  {ru'e} simply
>adds the indication that it is very close to the border of not being
>{na}, but it doesn't say that it isn't.

No, right now ru'e expresses some weak unspecified emotional reaction to

>>  If the judge in court
>> asks "xu", your truth claim can be evaluated as truth or lie.  "je'u+
>> indicator is not much in the way of a truth claim.
>Are judges really so recalcitrant?  What if you have to answer an
>insidious question, are you not allowed to say "not quite", "not
>exactly", "in a sense", etc?

It is classic in lawyer movies to have the lawyer object and the judge
impatiently order the witness to stop weaselwording and give a simple
yes or no.  Of course in Lojban, you could answer na'i.