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Re: serving the needs of Lojban learners

> (I
> would be embarrased to post here if not for Lojbab's  invitation).

Don't be. If we were all embarrassed, neither this list nor lojban
itself would exist.

> - Being an isolated learner.

Me too. See the other post where I replied to lojbab's letter.
Anyway, I was and still am the only lojban learner in my country.

> In fact IMO, there is no available teaching material that anybody
> only partially interested in Lojban may use (that is, the effort needed to
> progress will scare anybody who isn't *very, very* interested in Lojban,
> though I may be wrong on this).

I don't know. I found the brochure, lojban with examples (lojex) and
draft lessons very easy. Refgrammar is harder, and dedicated to the
dedicated, but lojex is exactly that: an intro material designed to the
people that do not yet know if they will learn lojban seriously.

> Also we should try to
> increase the number of lojbanists (I don't know how many there are already
> but surely there should be more people in the world interested in a
> project such as this; we only have to find them). But this is probably
> harder than it sounds.

Yes. I try to get my friends to learn with me, and those few that are
interested don't have the time.

> There are undoubtedly many other difficulties, but I think this has been
> long enough and anyway these have been the most important in my case.
> Finally, sorry for this too long and out-of-the-subject posting.

This is absolutely not too long, nor is it out-of-subject. We are here
to discuss anything related to lojban. Well, lojban list is certainly
related to lojban, and the more so good suggestions we get into public,
the better. Thank you for coming out of the closet, hope to stay with

doi xoses. mi djica le nu do lojbo casnu fi mi'o .i .e'u ko troci le nu
ciska lo lojbo te mrilu .i le nu ri clani cu na sarcu .i le nu do ciska
re lo tordu jufra kei ji'a xamgu

.i co'o mi'e. goran.

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