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Re: misc responses to And #2

>> I again cite center embedding as a well-known example both of the limits
>> of recursion and of formal grammatical structures.
>That's no good. I've already told you that's a special case. Plus,
>centre embedding does not result in nonsense, though it does result
>in unacceptability.

As far as I am concerned,as a native English speaker, a 10-level center
embeddding is just as much nonsense as, for example, taking a perfectly
grammatical sentence and writing the words in reverse order.  One happens
to be permitted by Chomskyan recursive transformations, and the other
is not, but neither is acceptable, grammtical or whatever.

Whatever or grammtical, acceptable is neither but, not is other the and,
 transformations recursive Chomskyan by permitted be to  happens one.