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Re: buffer vowel

la paulos. cusku di'e

> How about Rumanian?

Well done!

> I think the Rumanian system is an answer to both
> questions: there is a central middle vowel /@/, written as an "a" with
> a brachia (sometimes with a circumflex), and a central top vowel /+/,
> written as an "i" with circumflex. The other vowels are /a/, /e/, /i/,
> /o/, /u/ (I'm not sure if /E/ and /O/ are also present, but the pairs
> /e/ and /E/, and /o/ and /O/ constitute accepted variants of Lojban
> "e" and "o", anyway).

There is no /E/ or /O/ in standard (Daco-)Romanian.  The letter \^a is
not a variant of \u{a}, but of \^i, and is used only in the
name "Rom\^ania" and grammatical and lexical variants, which are
phonologically "Rom\^inia" etc.

But anyway, here we have it:  a seven-vowel system consisting of the
five "standard" vowels, plus two central ones.

John Cowan					cowan@ccil.org
		e'osai ko sarji la lojban.