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Re: TECH: PROPOSED GRAMMAR CHANGE X1: BAI afterthought connectives

la xorxes. cusku di'e

> BAIs and other tags can be used as forethought connectives but
> not in afterthought.
> Add "tag BO" as a joik. (Essentially BAI BO can be used wherever {joi} can
> be used.
> The possibility of using them as connectives already exists. This would
> simply allow the afterthought form to be used as well. Some of them are very
> useful (and have already been used in practice) e.g. maubo, me'abo, du'ibo,
> ba'ibo.

In general, "tag BO" can't be a joik, because joiks have to be compounded
by the preparser, and thus can't include "fi'o...fe'u" type tags.  I
considered "stag BO" as a kind of joik, but I note that we already have
joik-bos, and it seems to me that having

	.abu joibo by. du'ibo cy. joidu'ibo dy.

group as

	(.abu joibo by.) du'ibo (cy. joidu'ibo dy.)

is very counterintuitive: the three "-bo" connectives leads one to expect

	.abu joibo (by. du'ibo (cy. joidu'ibo dy.))

since "bo" implies right grouping.

So what about allowing "stag BO" as a new kind of joik-bo, side by side
with the existing "joik BO" and "joik stag BO"?  That would allow its use in
sumti, selbri, operands, and operators, but not elsewhere.  YACC does not

John Cowan					cowan@ccil.org
		e'osai ko sarji la lojban.