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Re: TECH: PROPOSED GRAMMAR CHANGE 38: lambda via new selma'o CEhU

> "Quantifying" is a strange word for this, since all ce'u would do is
> tag a sumti as a lambda variable.

Granted that no number (quantitas) is involved, nonetheless \lambda(x) is
parallel to \E x and \A x.

> In fact, it is not clear what would be the difference between
> {le ka ce'u le ci prenu cu klama} and {le ka ce'u lo prenu cu klama}.
> Is the first one the property of being each of the three people that go,
> or just one of them?

It is the property of being any of the three the speaker has in mind;
in the latter case ("lo"), it is the property of being any one that might

> Is the default quantifier of {le} overridden by {ce'u}?


> What about {le ka ci le ce'u prenu cu klama}?

I don't know what that means, if anything; arguably it should be made

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