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Re: TECH: PROPOSED GRAMMAR CHANGE 38: lambda via new selma'o CEhU

la .and. cusku di'e

> I'm mildly opposed, for the same reasons as Jorge. That is, we think {kea}
> can do the job. Also, it is still not clear that CEhU won't still generate
> more garbage than a lambda variable in KOhA. Will {ceu} make sense
> everywhere a quantifier_300 can occur?

Well, it clearly makes sense as an (outer) quantifier on sumti, and in
indefinite descriptions.  Use as a standalone utterance is probably
harmless.  The shaky case is as an inner quantifier within descriptions.
There are no other uses.

John Cowan					cowan@ccil.org
		e'osai ko sarji la lojban.