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Many of the proposals had no business in gismu space - i think theremay have
been several dozen computer words proposed as gismu.  A few had no counterpart
in any natural language - one person with a politico-moral agenda proposed a
gismu for "space" - the personal quasi-territory that Americans refer to
with the idiom "keep outta my space".  Someone else, at least thinking of
International language issues, proposed a gismu corresponding to krokodilo
(or whatever the Esp-o word is to not use Esperanto when it is appropriate).
The TLI community is still heavily biased towards adding gismu right and left.
Every issue they have a "new words" column with many malglico lujvo and a few
poorly thought out gismu.

One other danger in such haphazard addition of gismu is that the recurrent
arguments over gismu place structure would be noisier and more justifiable.
I cna say that we have analyzed the WHOLE set of gismu for place struture
consistency twice since the last gismu was added.  If we were constantly adding
gismu, i could not say this, of course, and such analysis would be getting
harder and harder as the list grew longer.

Yes there is saome fear that the language could stagnate if it is frozen while
 incomplete.  But I don;t think that any incompleteness lies in the gismu list,
or that this would be where we would face stagnation.  I also think that the
ability to add words with lujvo and fu'ivla argues that the language vocabulary
will never truly stagnate.

As for "software" - why should Latin have any more problem than English, which
clearly used a two-part lujvo.  Latin surely has a root for "soft" and another
for "ware".  So does Lojban, not that we would want to do a loan translation -
such are not too Lojbanic, though Latin and most natlangs have no trouble
with them.  (For Lojban, something like commanded-system - I wouldn't even
 include the "computer" - would handle the concept nicely.)