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Re: pensyrespa

John Cowan writes:
>la stivn. cusku di'e
>> Actually, this utterance would be impossible for an hypothermic human.
>> Living in the midwest, and attending to the care of street people, I have
>> had several patients with that degree of hypothermia. Physiologically, 5=B0C
>> is a *big* deficit. Enzyme reaction rates are nearly halved. Coma is an
>> invariable consequence. So the <mi> of the statement could not be human,
>> because comatose humans do not construct utterances.
>I bow to your superior expertise.

Of course, it could be that <do> is hyperthermic (and possibly comatose),
rather than <mi> who is hypothermic (and presumably poikilothermic).  It's
a *relative* expression.