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libraries & the Woldemar Codex

Bloody hell! I come back from the weekend & find that Lojban
list has exploded back into its old self, the fuse having
unwittingly been lit by Mark and the flames unwittingly
fanned by me... Anyway, before I get round to digesting it
all, I wanted to suggest the following:

It seems to me desirable that not only should people buy
_The complete Lojban language_, they should also endeavour
to ensure that copies make their way into the library
system. This will make it easier for non-internetters to
discover the language. Those with the necessary clout in
some libraries could get them to order the book for the
library. Others could at least try to order the book on
Interlibrary loan, which will at least ensure the book
is somewhere in the library system and is obtainable and
discoverable in catalogue searches.