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Place names

>  Date:     Mon, 9 Mar 1992 13:35:06 +1000
>  From: nsn@AU.OZ.MU.EE.MULLIAN

I won't point out the cases where you need to capitalise a
non-penultimate vowel in a cmene to show stress.  I suppose you are
aware of them.

>  ckiper - ckiperia *or* albania - albanias: la tiranas

_Albania_ is not the Albanian name for Albania.  It shouldn't be used.

>  xelvetik - xelvetia: la bern, la jenev

Um, this is the country's name in a _dead_ language.  Are you sure you
want it this way?

>  beljik - belji (what's the Flemish form again?) *or*
>  belgik - belgia: la brusel

No "*or*".  The Flemish _Belgije"_ is somewhere between {bElgi,ie} and

>  sverig  -sverige: la stokxolm
>  norges - norge: la oslos

_Sverige_ is actually pronounced {svEri,ie}, and I suspect that
_Norge_ might be pronounced {nor,ie}.

>  magiar - magiara: la budapect

Make that {madiar}.  It's closer.

>  nigerias - nigeria: la lagos
>  (I really wouldn't favour naidjirias)

Why?  English is the official language.  (There are 400 languages
spoken in Nigeria.  Maybe we should make a list of what the country is
called in all of them, and come up with 400 lojbanised names.)