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Re: Place names

>>  ckiper - ckiperia *or* albania - albanias: la tiranas
>_Albania_ is not the Albanian name for Albania.  It shouldn't be used.

Well, um, how do I put this... I don't 100% buy the "as pronounced/named
by the natives" argument. ckiperia, maybe. But definitively {london} over
{lndn} (actually, this'd make a really good debate; I seem to remember
Colin (or was it And?) already being on the side on {london}.

>>  xelvetik - xelvetia: la bern, la jenev
>Um, this is the country's name in a _dead_ language.  Are you sure you
>want it this way?

Well, it *is* what appears on the stamps :) And what motivates one's
choice between {cvaits},{suis} and {svitserias}  when talking about the
political entity as distinct from ethnography?
I'm not saying {xelvetia} is the answer; I'm saying there's a problem.

>>  magiar - magiara: la budapect
>Make that {madiar}.  It's closer.

hey, is that a palatal stop (Upside-down f in IPA)? It's been only four
months since I found out Greek has one of those (dialect, of course, varies
the enunciations immensely).

>>  nigerias - nigeria: la lagos
>>  (I really wouldn't favour naidjirias)
>Why?  English is the official language.

Hm. Yes, but there's the small matter of {naidjirias} not being very
recognisable in script. I will be rightly criticised for being latinocentric
here, but like I said: there *is* a problem with the current pronunciation-
-only policy.

Having gotten your attention, Ivan :), how about these?

xrvatska - xrvatsk: la zagreb
srpski - ?: la BE,ograd.
bosnia - bosnian: la sara,evos.
slovenia - slovenias: la liublianas (someone say la laibax? :)
makedoni,a - makedonias: la skopies
(skopies - skopies: la skopies, if you allow the Greeks to name it :-1/2)
tcexoslovensk - tcexoslovenska: la pra'as, la bratislavas, la brnos.
LIEtuva - LIEtuvas: la vilnius
polsk - polska: la varcavas
xajistan - xajistana: la .erevan
belorus - belorusa: la minsk
blgarias - blgaria: la sofias
rumania - rumanias: la buxarest
rusko - la moskvas. (Please, god, not mozgvas or moskfas!), la sanktpetersburg
(which *will* fail in Lojban phonology), la novosibirsk