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Re: mela'ezoiby. MARTenitsa.

la nitcion. cusku di'e

> >  le gernylanlyske tozoi gy. syntaxis gy.toi

la .iVAN. derJANSK. cusku di'e

> Isn't that {zoi gy. sintaksis. gy.}?  Doesn't Lojban spelling holds
> within {zoi}?

No.  Within "zoi" quotes all bets are off.  You are free to use English,
Greek, Chinese, or Labanotation (a method of transcribing choreography).
Correspondingly, in speech you may use any sound whatever.  The only
limitation is that the paired-delimiter word must not appear within the

This rule leads to occasional breakdowns in audio-visual isomorphism;
for example "*zoi gy. Magyar .gy." is invalid because of the presence of
"gy" in the lerfu stream, but would be fine in speech because the "gy"
of "Magyar" (a palatal stop) has nothing to do with Lojban "gy".

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