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TEXT.ADV Lunicon (short translation - probably tricky)

de'e xe fanva le lidne pagbu be la'o gic LUNICON Programme Book gic
ca'o le nu mi trene klama gi'e cando

i zo nunpenmi cu lujvo ca'e lu nu lu'a ko'o simpenmi sera'a ko'e kei gi'e pu
te se jdice ja se bredi ko'i li'u ko'a ce'o ko'e ce'o ko'i ce'o ko'o

i tu'e
ni'o ni'o co'i fi'i
i co'i vitke be fi la lUnikon  i va'o le zu'u nu ri pa moi nunpenmi fo do
kei do binxo a'o le lifri be le li'i se ke xendo se vitke kei be'o ku e le jimpe
be fi le si'o za'e camselci'igri ku i ri srana lei ta'e ve nunpenmi e lei ri
na'o se gasnu  i mi te ke tadnypre nunpenmi gi'e se ki'u bo pendyrai au
ai jikca le cnino vitke  i va'o le zu'u nai nu do ca'a camselci'i kei lo drata
cu lifri le li'i ko e'o xendo se vitke vo'a  i pe'u fi'i ro ko surla i'i



The-later is-a translation of the leading part of the 'LUNICON Programme Book'
(made) during the event I train go and am-idle

"nunpenmi" is a lujvo [I define] (meaning) "is an event that
the individuals of x4 mutually meet concerned with x2, and
is before (decided upon and prepared) by x3" (with arguments)
x1 and x2 and x3 and x4

Greeting visitor to Lunicon. In-circumstances the [on the one hand]
event it (Lunicon) is-first meeting for you , you become [hope] the
{experiencer of the experience being {kind host}-ed} and the
understander about the idea [nonce-word] fan-group.  It (fandom)
pertains to the habitual attenders and the their nominal deeds
We arrange a student convention and therefore most-friendly
[desire] [intend] interact-with the new visitor. In-circumstances
the [on the other hand] event you actually-are fan, the other
experience the experience you [make it so] please kind host it-1
(the other).  Please welcome all you (make it so) relax [togetherness].



Welcome to Lunicon! If this is your first convention, then we hope that you
will be made to feel welcome nad that you will start to understand the idea of
'fandom', which is the group of people around you who regularly attend
conventions (fans) and what they do (fanac- fan activity). As a student
convention we are trying to be as friendly as possible to the newcomers.
If you are a fan, then please try to make others feel welcome. And
everybody, relax!