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Re: xruti agentless

Jorge Llambias <jorge@PHYAST.PITT.EDU> writes:
> A plea to remove another place: the x1 of xruti.

Presently: xruti xru x1 (agent) returns x2 to origin/earlier state x3 from x4
To be:     xruti xru x1 returns to origin/earlier state x2 from x3

> I think that the concept "x1 is back in state x2" is important enough, and
> {se'ixru} doesn't really mean this, while {xrugau} would be exactly the same
> that {xruti} is now.

I second the motion.  Originally there were very few transitive
(agentive) gismu, and I was comfortable using lujvo to make

mi nelci le nu la lojban. ba *xruti le nu loi gasnu valsi cu rirci

                -- jimc