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Re: TECH: RE: do djica loi ckafi je'i tcati

Maybe what we need is a new quantifier "any" in selma'o PA.
Let's call it {xe'e}. Then we'd have:

        mi nitcu xe'e tanxe
        I need a box.

        xe'eti ka'e se pilno
        Any of these will do.

        rexe'eti ka'e se pilno
        Any two of these will do.

        mi na vecnu fo xe'eda
        I won't sell at any price. (But I may sell at some price :)

        do ka'e cuxna paxe'e selska poi xekri
        You can choose any colour, as long as it is black.

        la tenis a'upei doi xe'edo
        Tennis, anyone?