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Re: Pointing

mi jarco sepi'o lemi degji leka farna le blanu stizu mi
I show using my finger the directionality of the blue chair from me.

That your finger actually shows a direction is somewhat of an abstraction.
We have learned to recognize that in some circumstances, an extended digit
stands for the intention to indicate that something of interest lies at the
projected line running through the axis of the digit.

Thus to talk in detail about the mechanics of pointing, you might need to
use words for axis, projection, line, etc.  This complication might suggest
that a gismu might be needed, except when you look at how we use the word
"point" in English:  "the sign points the way" may refer to an arrow head
painted on a sign, or may simply be a sign physically located in the desired
direction that doesn't actualy have a "pointing" indication anywhere on it.
At which point you realize that the "pointing" is just the indication that
the direction is being indicated in some abstract way.