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Re: M.Helsem

> la'o la'orla'o and la'orla'o cusku di'e
> > Do copies of Michael Helsem's Zirpu Lojbo Pemci Cukta remain available?
> > Is there an ftp-able version? -- coo, mie lao lao and
> The book is called {ziryroi}, which means "purple number of times". It
> was supposed to be {ziryro'i} = "purple rock" but it was written before
> the Great Rafsi Shift...

{ziryroi} is a much better title.

> I think the poems are mostly grammatical, except for a missing or
> excessive terminator here and there (he uses terminators much more often
> than needed).
> I would be willing to type it out, but I don't know if I would be
> violating copyright or something.

Please do, if you may.