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Re: M.Helsem

Ok, here are some of the poems of la maiky'elsym, with translations
by the author himself. (Sometimes I find the translations more
difficult to understand than the Lojban.) I mark with * the ungrammatical
parts, and between [] what I think he intended. Some of the rafsi
are old. I think it's unfair to call him a semi-Lojbanist on account
of the very few grammar errors, else nobody can claim to be a Lojbanist.
The errors in this poem are {i nabo} instead of {i naku}, an incorrect
{ku} after a BAI KOhA, {po'i} instead of {pe'a} (has the meaning of
{po'i} changed in time?) and a strange use of {je'o} to mean
"recedingly", which I can't understand unless it's an archaic meaning.

        _nandu pemci_

zo'e to'e djuno ko'e goi
le mucti vlipa *po'i [pe'a] ziryroi

.i la'acu'i mi ko'e ka'e ciksi
fo lo ke dutsevzi tercpu maksi

ke'e po'a poi simlu so'i simfrica
mukti zi'e su'a poi le djica

fi ra noroi facki fe le kaukra
.i ri'a ku rixici viska le pixra

be le ba nunselmansa .enai ko'e
gi'o catlu le jbizvaterjo'e

.i na*bo[ku] na'e ca le nu le selcinmo
co ramjolxei capu xaksu le sidbo

poi ca'i ke'a *ku zu'i ka'e selponse
ku'o kei ku ko'e binxo lo ganse

.i ri ge zirpu po'a *je'o[?] gi rokci
po'a seba'i lo cinmo befi le pikci

        "Difficult poem"

Someone is ignorant of That which
is the immaterially powerful "purple-stone".

I might be able to explain It
as an "opposite-self pulling-toward magnet"

appearing to be many mutually-differing
goals, & generally such that the desirer

never discovers about them the common-source.
For he sees a picture

of the future state of satisfaction, & not It,
when looking at the almost-at place-of-joining.

Only when the emotion
of love-mixed-with-hate has exhausted the idea

the usual can be possessed by the authority of which,
does it become a sense-stimulus

both "purple" recedingly, & "stone"
instead of a feeler of emotion about the begging-one.

   _ku'i ki'u ma_

  [li] te'o te'a vei
  ka'o pi'i pai ve'o
  su'i pa du [li] no

      "But why?"

     e to the (
  i times pi) power,
 plus 1, equals zero.
                                12-22/31-90 revised 5-24-91

        _le te pemci .e le se binxo_

ko mi zasyspo
ibabo mi ba tajvuzyxru
fi ti be'i do
.i makfa
.i roroi ku
mi'o zukte ra

        "The Poet & the Thing-Become"

Temporarily-destroy me;
& i will superlatively-far-return
to here, thru the medium of you.
It's magic.
We do it
every time.
                                3-20-90 revised 5-1-91

        _le ka sarcu_

le cizra zasmunje lo skami
cu nenri .i ra mi se prami
   .i ku'i le pratci
   nu sisti cu batci
le batkla .uu ta'i lo glaslami

        "The Necessity"

A strange temporary-universe, the computer
inside is. I love it.
   But the produce-tool
   cessation bites
the out-coming one (pity!) like hot acid.
                                3-20-90 revised 4-30/5-1-91

        _me la sapir .uorf._

ko lei do se mipri le
rairsutra to'e morji ca dunda

.i lo narju joi rijno
fasnu ba snuji ro lei drata

.i zo'e tagji logji


Give your secrets
to the fastest forgetter.

An orange & silver
event will sandwich all the others.

Something snugly logics.
                                3-6-90 revised 4-30-91