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Re: M.Helsem

la xorxes. cusku di'e

> I think it's unfair to call [Michael Helsem] a semi-Lojbanist on account
> of the very few grammar errors, else nobody can claim to be a Lojbanist.

I meant that to group as "semi (Lojban ist)", not "(semi Lojban) ist",
meaning that M. H. was and is peripheral to the Lojban community.

> The errors in this poem are {i nabo} instead of {i naku},

God knows what that was about.

> an incorrect {ku} after a BAI KOhA,

That used to be grammatical.

> {po'i} instead of {pe'a} (has the meaning of {po'i} changed in time?)

Yes; "po'i" was once the start-of-figurative marker, later changed to
"pe'a", which later changed to a UI for figurative use.

> and a strange use of {je'o} to mean
> "recedingly", which I can't understand unless it's an archaic meaning.

That was the old "scalar-tensor" tense system, which preceded the Imaginary
Journeys tense system.

John Cowan					cowan@ccil.org
		e'osai ko sarji la lojban.