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WWW and Lojbab's workload

Regarding pc's comments.  The Web page does tell people to send orders
and registrations and official correspondence to me (Lojbab) since I,
and Nora as Secretary are the people who should receive same.  People
are also asked to send comments and corrections on any of the documents
to me, since Cowan and I essentially do all document maintenance, and
are doing the preparation for publication.

The minilesson responses are to be sent to me for one reason - 1) they
usually contain comments on the minilesson, which I read and accumulate
with all other comments for an eventual rewrite of the minilesson by
Athelstan or someone else.  If we had a set of answers to the
minilessons, I could send them out in response trivially, but no one has
ever made such a set up, and a couple of areas (specifically tanru), the
comments received have indicated that any answer that is given has to be
non-trivial; the mini-lesson has caused problems among
non-English-native Lojbanists (at least partially because Athelstan
specifically wrote it for an English-native audience), and whoever
composes answers should look at all previous sets of responses to make
sure that confusions are addressed.

I would like to see such an answer key set up, and as pc has said, I
don't have time and won't have for quite a while.

A lot of novices do write to me with questions about the language that
could better be handled by the list, and I try where possible to
politely turn them that way.  But contrary to Mark Vines, I do bear in
mind our "customer image", and at least try to acknowledge email.  He
just caught me in a bad week after my return from vacation when my kids
were starting school, and I was coordinating a no-notice ex-USSR
adoption on an emergency basis that required the adoptive family to stay
at my house the following weekend.  I also am of course running months
behind on proper responses to email.