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Personal Apology

la lojbab cusku di'e
> I think perhaps you are taking my responses FAR too personally - I
> haven't felt the least bit of animosity towards you.

In that case, please accept my apology.

> I will try to ignore apparent insult.

I insulted you because I thought you had intentionally insulted me.  This
was a mistake, so I retract my insult.  Again, I apologize.

> > I prefer to agree with you that the basic design is sound.  Even
> > brilliant.
> I'll pass your compliments to JCB next time I see him %^)

Lojbab, our temperaments definitely clash.  Your style of argument jabs
at me in a fashion that I'm prone to misinterpret as insult or evasion.
Even so, I doubt that JCB deserves all the credit for the excellence of
Lojban.  I don't know enough about the design history to be sure, but I
would guess that much of the credit belongs to you.

co'o mi'e mark,l