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Re: all the chinese whispers

In message <9511071518.ab02813@punt-4.mail.demon.net> ucleaar@UCL.AC.UK writes:
> > > 6. Iain:
> > >   .i mi certu le nu troci lenu jai zdile lo'e prenu poi gasnu da
> > > 7. Jorge:
> > I think {sezyxruti} doesn't have an x4 place: "x1 returns themself to x2
> > from x3", but I assumed it was the x3 because it was the closest.

Oops - I forgot that the x2 of {xruti} would have vanished.

> > I didn't understand the {jai} there.
> Nor me. Baffling.

Well, my gimste says the x1 of {zdile} is an event:

zdile     zdi      amusing              'amused'
x1 (abstract) is amusing/entertaining to x2 in property/aspect x3;
x3 is what amuses x2 about x1 5g  79    [also: x1 occupies x2 pleasantly;
x1 is fun for x2; x2 is amused by x1; x2 has fun (at) doing x1;
x1 is an amusement/entertainment/[game] for x2];
(cf. cinri, panka, xajmi for 'funny', kelci)

so I was just being pedantic zo'o.

co'o mi'e .i,n.
Iain Alexander                    ia@stryx.demon.co.uk