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Re: all the chinese whispers

> > > > 6. Iain:
> ...
> > > >   .i mi certu le nu troci lenu jai zdile lo'e prenu poi gasnu da
> > > I didn't understand the {jai} there.
> > Nor me. Baffling.
> Well, my gimste says the x1 of {zdile} is an event:
> zdile     zdi      amusing              'amused'
> x1 (abstract) is amusing/entertaining to x2 in property/aspect x3;
> so I was just being pedantic zo'o.

Are you sure you mean {jai}? It ought to be followed by a sumtcita
(I think).

> From: Don Wiggins <dwiggins@BFSEC.BT.CO.UK>
> >Could we find out the native languages of the Chinese whisperers?
> We'll also need to know, of course, non-native languages from which
> one feels proficient enough to translate to lojban.

I could translate small amounts out of but not into Italian. But
by using English we can all judge the success of the translation.